Seeking a Roman Holiday.


Spending my Friday night laying in bed watching Roman Holiday grew to be more exciting than deemed. As I lay there watching Audrey and Gregory gallivant around Rome, the idea dawned upon me of how I desperately need to go on some sort of trip. With the idea fresh in my mind, I quickly texted Lilly to pitch the idea of a vacation.

Over the years, Lilly and I have both dealt with our own personal demons, and it is time to start fresh as this the summer is already upon us. Adrenaline pumping, we begin to search for travel destinations listed in our price range…as it turns out, no vacation is well within the “broke ass bitch” parameters. I think what I really need is to go somewhere new…somewhere I have never been before. In Toronto ( and especially suburbia), You walk around and see many familiar faces, but the idea of going somewhere where there are no social ties to follow is incredibly enticing!

As I listen to the sound of the rain trickling down my window, I realize that my personal forecast has quickly turned into “cloudy with a chance of I don’t give a fuck”. My will to care has passed, for I am at a point in my summer where I truly have nothing to lose and in that case, have no reason to let fear into my life.

I am personally tired of being strung along by others, for it seems as if everyone has moved on except me. It is time for a change…for I will no longer be deemed a second hand man who waits in the side lines, I will act justly and for the betterment of myself for there is no reason to put the needs of an insignificant other before my own. The concept of how such awful people can have such successful relationships truly boggles my mind. Earlier today I was speaking with Red, and we had begun toying with this idea of how perfectly nice people (like us) always end up hurt and losing, while pure atrocities to human kind seem to win. Being fed up with all the bullshit that love brings, we all have decided that it is time for an escape.

An escape. A chance to act on your own, and to live freely. An escape, the option to gallivant around a foreign city void of any ties. I am seeking this sense of escapism, for it will probably be the only thing to keep me sane.

Taking the step and hopping on a plane or in a car is the first stepping stone. One ticket, and we are off to bigger adventures. Look out, because the world is our oyster and we are looking for pearls.

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