The Witt Chapter.


Summer is upon us and while some may be basking in the sun, Witt is spending her days working at the Frito Lay chip factory. As I sit back and drink a cold beer, I read the post sent to me by my dear friend, and I begin to feel her pain. Witt has has spent the last few weeks smelling like a fried potato and packing boxes of chips for hours on end. Since my summer began, I have been receiving a few questions about how Witt and Nat have been doing, and you will all be pleased to know that you will soon have your answers. Both girls are having quite an eventful summer thus far: Love, music, potato chips, and work, the girls keep us all on our toes. With that said, I am pleased to be cowriting my next few posts with them titled: The Witt Chapter, and The Nat Chapter. The summer months are fleeting, join us as we live out our own journey.

Equipped with safety gloves, googles, and heavy boots, Witt steps into the Frito Lay factory each morning at 7am. The overpowering smell of burnt potatoes are smelt before even entering the factory. High ceilings and linoleum floors, the building feels as if it is 100 degrees while wearing the heavy uniform.  Confined by the remnants of seasoning dust and dozens of boxes, Witt felt so alone in such an alive place. It was hard to interact with her coworkers for most were old, overweight foreign ladies all immersed in their own conversations. With only a few young people to interact with, Witt found herself stuck in the confines of her own reality and the isolation of her earplugs.

Surrounded by loud machinery and foreign languages, Witt attempts to get through each day with the minimal amount of tears as possible. Being picked up from her first day of work, Witt got into her mother’s waiting car and began to cry. As the salty tears fell down her cheeks, Witt realized that these tears were not tears of sadness, but merely tears of sheer frustration. With heavy lungs, and thick breaths, the tears began to fall down her cheeks yet she made no sound. With nothing to say, she stared out the window and imagined the terrors that were left inside the factory.

In terms of part time jobs, the Frito Lay factory was not all horrid considering that the major perk is that workers are paid over $12 an hour, which is two dollars more than the Ontario minimum wage. In turn, even though $12 an hour would be great…it would not be smart to suffer through  4 months of such a horrid placement.

Four months is a long time for a summer break, but it leaves plenty of time for drama to ensue. On the other side of the city, away from the tortures of the chip factory, Nat had found love. It is hard to find love, but once you do…you should never let it go; even if it is over a hundred miles away.

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