Your arrogance does not match your Chanel.

As I take my nightly walk I look up at the starless sky and think about the events of the past few days. With each step I take, the sidewalk seems to glisten as the nicotine fills my lungs. Recently I began to think about blame and how it seems to fall on me at any given occasion. Whenever something goes wrong, we all immediatley search for a scapegoat, do not deny it…even I do it. If we look back at idiocy past and think about the ridiculousness that was the “Him” situation, I fall under the role of scape goat material.

For taking the time to analyze my current living situations, I realized that most of the sadness I underwent could have been prevented simply by extracting myself from those negative situations. As I was faced with the position of having someone attempt to bring their toxicity back into my life, I found myself holding enough power to reject the offer and move on.

Everyday of your life you will deal with overbearing Assholes. Today I had the “pleasure” of dealing with a pompous and over zealous sales person while eyeglass shopping with Lilly. This salesman desperately needed a reality check and a lesson on common decency, because unlike the Chanel glasses we were speaking of, his attitude was definitely not timeless. (Seriously, if you are in a need of glasses, steer clear of C! Opticians. They hire arrogant idiots).

I think that dealing with ignorance and hate is really an everyday part of life, but it is how you deal with their stupidity that allows you to move on. Always remember that everyone has an opinion, but not every opinion is necessarily correct. I usually receive a lot of negative feedback about that statement and how I need “to take every opinion into consideration because all are valid”. If that statement were true, I guess we all need to start believing how Hitler’s views during the Nazi regime are all valid. See my point? Filter commentary as needed.

While we might live in a world of over zealous sales people, immature toxic “friends” and buffoonery in general, I will leave you with a very accurate quote from the brilliant Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel: whatever the situation, “There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity”.

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