In a box of ignorance.

What is a princess, what is a bride? What is a peasant, what is royalty? I am left here thinking about the fences put up between society and gender. It seems as if we are all categorized into certain boxes. We are expected to live in these boxes without question. It is not until we break free from these moulds that we are ostracized from others and seen as “rebellious”, or “lost”. I am thinking of a story that my manager confided in me at work. While working a shift at Topman, he overheard a girl attempting to dress her boyfriend in one of our shirts. Taking one look at the shirt, he looked at his girlfriend and said, “why are you trying to get me to wear these homo shirts?”. Homo shirts. Homosmexual. How in the world can a plain shirt be linked towards a sexual orientation? How is it that a plain white shirt can seemingly hold up a sign up stating “I like dick, for I am a homosexual t shirt”.

This is a box that unfortunately man men fall into: The “I am so straight that I do not want society to possibly think I have any feminine qualities in me” box. I honestly do not see why having feminine qualities can be seen as a bad thing…look at history, it is shown that many women were stronger and more powerful than the men of that time. Usually behind most men is a smarter and more savvy woman who is calling all the shots. Think about Macbeth, bitch might have been crazy, but she was really the mastermind of the whole operation.

Straight, gay, bi, trans, human. Why in the world are we forced to define our selves into one singular box of sexuality. In a perfect world I would say that we can easily define ourselves singularly as people, but would that fly in our society? no. I remember when I was questioning, I was always bombarded with comments and sneers from people wanting to know. Why though? Why is it necessary that we must wear signs for others to know who we are?

People are so scared of appearing weak that they put on this bravado in public to make others know that they are straight. Honey listen, you do not need to tell people you are straight; your basketball shorts, socks and adidas sandals already did.

Even in this modern day and age, I still hear people telling women that they are unable to do a certain task and they should let a man finish the job. I am sorry, but this a bull shit. I truly hate hearing people say this for a woman is just as adequately equipped to tackle any job that a man can do.

I won’t lie, I work at Topman and my discount works at Topshop. I own my fair share of women’s clothing, but does that make me any less masculine than another man? No. I may be wearing women’s jeans or a women’s ACDC shirt, but I can still outdrink you in a binge drinking contest any time.

It is crazy how many objects are separated in terms of male or female. Barbies are marketed towards girls while GI Joes are marketed towards boys. In an adult sense, even alcohol is marketed towards gender segregation. Really though, wine is wine and I will drink it no matter the label.

The main purpose of this article is simply to say, fuck the labels. Fuck those who think they can separate you and place you into individual folders, live your own life and take whatever path you desire. And my message towards the people who harass and judge the lives of others? Do not judge, for it is none of your god damn business anyway.


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