A smoothie and a bullet.

There is nothing I love more in this world than food.

I put on my warmest parka and made the trek from my condo to this mysterious Loblaws on Queen Street West. Walking into the building I immediately was blown away by  just how large it is! not only is it a grocery store but there is also a Joe Fresh and a Winners within the store. Hello Shopping spree much?

I made this little grocery shopping expedition with the purpose of purchasing ingredients to make smoothie made by my new magic bullet.

I can not begin to tell you all how freaking excited I am to own a Magic Bullet. I now have the option to make Smoothies, Hummus, Soups, and drinks at any time of the day (I AM USING CAPITAL LETTERS SO YOU CAN FEEL MY EXCITEMENT). After picking up all ingredients, I hurried back home ready to make quite a concoction. I quickly mixed together a health potion consisting of: Apples, oranges, lemons, carrots, pineapple, mango, and peaches. Talk about heaven in a cup, am I right?

This whole smoothie making process is step 3 within my whole “Living Healthy” resolution. With the added addition of exercise and healthy eating, I am hoping I achieve my goal of being “in shape”. I am honestly not quite sure where this whole fascination with living healthy came from…but I am honestly glad that I am attempting it! My body is honestly feeling at the top of the world (minus the fact that I am still slightly hungover from last night).

As I listen to Lana Del Rey and create some fantastic creations, I am left feeling quite happy at not only my creation, but my dedication to this goal. I am finally on the track of living healthy…but right after I make a Pizza Pop.

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